By utilising the benefits of biomass fuel technology your establishment could save thousands. And with no capital outlay on equipment you can start immediately.

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Containerised Plant Room

A biomass boiler solution ideal for retro or new build applications. This fully containerised system can be positioned within any of the following establishments if room is an issue. These systems can work with your existing systems or as a standalone supply for your heat requirements. Have a look at the following video from one of our recent installations.

Rural properties

Most rural properties will be running heating equipment on heating oil or LPG. These fossil fuels in particular are extremely expensive to purchase and are subject to volatile price increases. Biomass applications into these establishments can be carried out by Tomkinson Biomass ensuring you have a secure and sustainable fuel supply.

Hotels & Leisure

Hotels are prime for biomass technology and even more so if using heating oil or LPG. Large heat requirements are associated with these premises all year round. Hotels with combined leisure facilities such as swimming pools would see larger savings.

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges require heating during certain periods of the day. Our fully programmable biomass systems have been designed to operate exactly to our clients requirements. As well as reducing C02 emissions and fuel costs biomass boiler installs within schools can provide excellent environmental education.

District and community heating

Biomass heating works extremely well where there are a number of properties which would benefit. By sizing the correct boiler and fuel storage Tomkinson Biomass can monitor the exact usage of each property. Communities benefit from sharing the initial installation costs and long term reductions in fuel spend. Tomkinson Biomass can also supply full district and community biomass systems with zero capital outlay and supply heat contracts.

Why biomass

Producing energy from biomass has both environmental and economic advantages. It is a carbon neutral process as the CO2 released when energy is generated from biomass is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel's production. Biomass can also contribute to waste management by harnessing energy from products that are often disposed of at landfill sites.

Commercial Benefits of Renewable Heat

The generation of heat for your premises or processes is an increasingly expensive operation and has serious environmental impacts when using fossil fuel sources of primary energy supply. The price volatility associated with such fuels makes long term budgeting exceptionally difficult. Tomkinson Biomass uses a wide range of UK sources of biomass fuel and provides long term contracts with security of supply and improved certainty of costs through index linked pricing agreements. Advantageous prices can be negotiated that recognise the potential for benefits to be shared with regard to government incentives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and the reduced costs associated with compliance for the client.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a UK Government ‘Cash back’ scheme that offers consumers and businesses financial incentives to switch to renewable forms of heating such as wood pellets. The Government has guaranteed £860 million of financial support for its first four years of operation. As a major UK wood boiler supplier, Tomkinson Biomass are set to support significant growth in the modern wood heating sector, including supporting boiler financing, heat supply contracts and ESCO.