Finance Options

How It All Works

Financed Option - No Capital Outlay

Tomkinson Biomass Ltd can install a Biomass Boiler system free of capital outlay. The Biomass boiler would remain the property of Tomkinson Biomass Ltd who would recoup their costs by claiming the government Renewable Heat Incentive. A contribution towards installation costs may be requested depending on individual circumstances.

This option would enable the customer to benefit immediately from the significant fuel costs savings that Biomass presents.

Retro Fit Options

A new Biomass boiler can be easily retro fitted to a property with existing boilers.

If there is enough space then the biomass boiler and pellet store can be fitted internally. Alternatively, the biomass boiler can be installed near to your existing boiler room in a containerised plant room.

The containerised systems have 2 compartments. The first is a store for your wood pellets. This fuel is fed automatically by an auger into the second compartment which contains your Biomass boiler and any associated controls. The biomass boiler is then connected to your existing central heating and hot water system by our fully qualified and experienced engineers.

Fuel Supply

We will put you in touch with reputable wood pellet suppliers with favourable rates due to the benefits of bulk buying power. Of course, you also have the option of sourcing your own wood pellet supplier. The pellet store can be fitted with a meter that automatically alerts the pellet supplier when a delivery is needed. This is typically at intervals of around 3 weeks or so depending on consumption levels.

Biomass Boiler Operation

The biomass boiler has modern controls that will enable it to operate automatically depending on the demand for heat from your central heating and hot water system. Your existing boilers will normally remain in place and will kick in if needed to supplement the base load provided by the Biomass boiler. In many cases, the Biomass boiler will be of sufficient capacity to provide the vast majority of your heat requirement resulting in a very low consumption of fossil fuels.

Routine Maintenance

Modern biomass boilers are highly automated with modern thermostatic controls, automatic fuel feed and automatic ash removal. Servicing will be arranged by Tomkinson Biomass Ltd and carried out by our fully qualified engineers.